Saturday, 17 March 2012

Flea Market Chic

My new book is called Flea Market Chic,  This is all about the new smart way to decorate, adding texture, colour and depth to contemporary rooms. In modern rooms, a distressed chair or a vintage mirror add a perfect finishing touch. And in traditional decorating schemes, flea market chic is a key part of the mix: faded textiles, weathered furniture, mismatched china are all part of the charm.
Above all, flea market finds put the fun back into shopping, and you won't have to worry about getting a huge credit-card bill at the end. If you are furnishing a home, and you don't have much money, this book could save you a fortune - and you'll end up with an imaginative, individual and stylish look.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Published Interior Books

Spaces for Living was my first book published. At the time we were living in London's famous Notting Hill in a mews house.  We already had two children and were short on space. The idea behind this book was to use one space in two different ways. Hall / Dining,  Kitchen / Dining,  Bedroom / Study, Sitting Room / Study & One Room Living.

Country In The City  was my second book. We had just moved into a large end of terrace Victorian house in Shepherd's Bush after our third child was born.
The inspiration for this book was to show a softer side of urban living and not surprisingly many of the houses in the book came from our special corner of  London.

Simply Country was to show soft, pretty & pared-back, interiors, filled with easily attainable ideas.

Thrifty Chic coincided with the 2009 worldwide recession and showed that stylish interiors can be achieved on a low budget - in other words,  "More Dash Than Cash". 
Perhaps not surprisingly it sold really well and became an Amazon No 1 best seller 

This week I am so excited I'm doing my final shoot and putting my final full stop on my latest book which is going to be called "Fleamarket Chic" to be published in the New Year. I can't wait to give you more information